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16 August 2011 @ 03:51 pm
[01-18] 1x01 A Study in Pink
[19-26] 1x02 The Blind Banker
[27-68] 1x03 The Great Game


"That was the most ridiculous thing I've done." "And you've invaded Afghanistan."Collapse )
Adam Scott:
[01-05] Tell me you love me
[06-08] Photoshoot
[09-14] Torque
[15-39] The Vicious Kind
Do you ever just think about the shit you say, and think uh, well I should definitely kill myself. Do you ever think that?Collapse )
[01-42] Hawaii Five-0 1x23 "Ua Hiki Mai Kapalena Pau"
[43-50] Glee 2x22 "New York"
[51-57] How I Met Your Mother 6x24 "Challenge Accepted"
[58-104] Parks and Recreation 3x15 "The Bubble", 3x16 "Lil' Sebastian"
There's a whole room on the fourth floor where they store the knives they've confiscated from people who went to the fourth floor to stab someone!Collapse )
[01-76] Parks and Recreation 3x12 Eagleton, 3x13 The Fight, 3x14 Road Trip
[77-105] Supernatural 6x20 The Man Who Would Be King
[106-133] Community 2x23 A Fist Full of Paintballs, 2x24 For a few paintballs more
[134-152] Glee 2x20 Prom Queen


Ba Ba Booey.Collapse )
[01-34] Supernatural 6x18 Frontierland, 6x19 Mommy Dearest
[35-52] Hawaii Five-0 1x22 Ho’ohuli Na’au
[53-71] Glee 2x18 Born This Way
[72-92] Fringe 3x20 6:02 AM Est


Jefferson Starships!Collapse )
[01-50] Hawaii Five-0 1x20 Ma Ke Kahakai, 1x21 Ho'opa'i
[51-65] Community  2x19 Critical film studies, 2x20 Competitive wine tasting
[66-75] Parks and Recreation 3x09 Fancy Party
[76-82] Fringe 3x19 Lysergic Acid Diethylamide


Please don’t put both of your hands on the wheel. Every time you do that, something terrible happens and I have to pray. Please.Collapse )
[01-28] Hawaii Five-0 1x19 Na Me´e Laua Na Paio
[29-45] Alex O'Loughlin
[46-48] Scott Caan
[49-65] Fringe 3x17 Stowaway, 3x18 Bloodline
[66-72] Glee 2x16 Original Song


You're like a devourer of dreams. You eat them. You're like a little Pac-Man in cargo pants.Collapse )
28 February 2011 @ 04:38 pm
(I can't believe i made 120 icons. I need help.)

[01-22] Hawaii Five-0 1x18 Loa Aloha
[23-27] Scott Caan
[28-29] Alex O'Loughlin
[30-31] Scott Caan & Alex O'Loughlin
[32-36] Community 2x16 Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking
[37-50] Parks and Recreation 3x02 Flu Season
[51-69] Fringe 3x13 Immortality, 3x14 6B
[70-80] Darren Criss
[81-103] Supernatural various season 2, 4, 6
[104] Jensen Ackles
[105-120] Misha Collins


You're a freakin' ninja!Collapse )